Friday, November 6, 2009

Eating Local: Day 4

As a recap of my experiences all week, I’ve come to the conclusion that eating local is definitely feasible for a UVA student, but maybe not convenient nor cheap for every meal. However, there are a variety different places that one can find that serve local food, and a few that don’t even advertise the local food that they have. I have also found that its definitely possible to have a majority of your food be local, and still live relatively cheaply.
Since I was pretty busy today, I didn’t get the chance to try very many new things. After skipping breakfast, I went back to Revolutionary Soup during lunch and got the chili again. The picture is shown below. I also got the chance to look at the menu board and see the different offerings they had. Though not all of their meals are local, they definitely make an effort to use all of the local produce they get, which shows a sign of sustainable living.

For dinner today, I decided to eat health and had a simple salad with apples and eggs. For something without dressing, it was surprisingly good. Although I was definitely not a fan of the hydroponic lettuce, it was bearable for something local. Overall it was a quick meal to make, which is a definite plus for college students. So far this week, I have only had to make one meal that took over an hour to cook, and that was the steak on Tuesday. For tomorrow I am planning on making a trip to Runk(a Dining hall in UVA) to see if they have any local food that I could eat. I will also be going to the Farmers Market on Saturday to see how their prices compare with those of Whole Foods.

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  1. (By the way, I really love Revolutionary Soup. It took me three years to find it though, or to figure out that it wasn't just a soup shop.)