Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Revolutionary Soup Trip

Last night our group went to Revolutionary Soup to try our luck at being able to meet each of our requirements at the same time at the same restaurant. The video posted earlier documented our trip. As stated in the video, I was able to get a large soup with a side of cornbread and water to drink. The soup was advertised as vegetarian and gluten free. Again, this didn't really make up what I would call a full meal. I am beginning to realize that unless I go directly to the farmers market, (which I will most certainly do this weekend) I am probably not going to be able to find many if any full meals for under $6 that are reasonably sustainable. First of all, local and organic food is going to be considerably more expensive than the processed alternatives. Also, I am not exactly a small guy. At 6'2" and about 200 pounds, I am considerably larger than the average male and most certainly larger than the average female, so it is safe to say that I probably eat more than the average person in general. I might just be fighting a loosing battle. Sustainable living is not something that can be maintained by someone on a tight budget, and you aren't going to find many sustainable grocery stores or restaurants in poorer neighborhoods. Highlighting this fact, my mother recently told me about a local farmer co-op in Houston. I checked out the website and found out that the Tuesday drop off location is in the parking lot of the Royal Oaks Country Club. A membership at this country club goes for only about $100,000. I recognize that this is an extreme example, but I feel that this is a common trend in America. The current socio-economic climate reserves sustainable living for those with the monetary means to do so. However, this will not diminish my motivation to search out cheap sustainable food.

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