Sunday, November 29, 2009

Local Food During Thanksgiving?

During my week off for Thanksgiving, I found that it was a lot harder to eat local food, especially for a purely local diet. I only spent one day in Virginia, during which I paid a visit to my local Whole Foods Market. Here I found that there was barely any local food at this time of the year, especially in the produce and salads department. There were a few dairy products and meats that were shipped in from Pennsylvania. However, my hometown had much less local food than I could find in Charlottesville. Maybe it was because I lived in Northern Virginia, where the land is mostly dominated by businesses and factories, while Charlottesville is surrounded by farms and farmland. Another reason is that this was far later into November than when I first started my project, so the availability of local food was far less at this time of the year. In addition, the Whole Foods was a lot further away from my home than it was from college. I had to drive 40 minutes or more to get there, which was a major reason why my parents didn’t go there more often.
I spent the rest of my time during Thanksgiving in New Jersey. Over here, it was even more difficult to find local food, especially during the winter months. Whole Foods was over an hour away from the location that I was at, and the markets nearby had no local food at this time of the year. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to find any local food, though I suspect that should I try during the spring or summer months, local food would be much more readily available.
Avik Dayal

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  1. My partner and I have a difficult time finding local food, we are limited to three farms (all very good of course) and can get organic raw dairy, free range meats, and all of the organic vegetables you can put your hands on... in the summer. In the winter we are limited to some braising greens, milk, and meat. No local farms grow any fruit but berries. It is good in the summer but lean in the winter. We have been canning more but when you work full time canning is a serious chore. Totally worth it in the winter but a pain.