Friday, November 6, 2009

eating on the cheap- day 2

No breakfast for me today, but thank goodness for hot pockets. I had forgotten just how terrible they are. I didn’t know if I had eaten that disgusting thing or rubbed it all over my face. No more hot pockets. I hadn’t made very good use of my last trip to the grocery store, and I was in a serious time pinch to find something to eat for dinner. I decided to give the dollar menu at McDonalds a try. I got two McDoubles and an order of medium fries with water of course. First of all, this meal was hardly filling. Also, there is nothing even remotely sustainable about McDonalds. Not only is McDonalds just about the most processed food you can find, but the amount of packaging is appalling. By time I was done with my meal, I was left with a good amount of trash to be thrown away. I am beginning to see how difficult it would be for someone living on a tight budget to even come close to eating sustainably.

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