Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have decided that simply eating cheap meals really doesn’t add much to the discussion of eating sustainably at UVa unless I make a serious effort to seek out local and organic meals. This will most certainly be more difficult than simply eating sustainably without a budget. Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on how feasible this actually is for a student here at UVa.
This past Saturday, I happened to go hiking near Crozet, and I found the MudHouse Coffee Shop and bakery. I knew nothing about the place before walking in, but I quickly found that this shop would be a great place to get a cheap and sustainable meal. Behind the counter on the wall, a sign stated, “Single Origin Brew Bar – these extrodinary coffees are sustainably grown in small lots by artisan farmers. Like fresh produce, they are best enjoyed in season and are in limited supply.” There was another sign stating, “All of our fresh food and baked goods are homemade right here with local seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We are committed to using packaging made from corn, bamboo or other eco-happy materials.” They even had chairs made of bales of hay. Not only was this establishment about as sustainable as they get, but it was even relatively cheap. For under $6, I was able to get a large coffee, a banana, and a huge blueberry muffin. While I recognize that this is certainly not a full meal, I feel that it is definitely a step in the right direction.
I understand that this shop is located in Crozet (about 20 minutes away from grounds), but I know a many UVa students who frequent the area for a number of reasons including a number of outdoor activities. Even though this was a great find, I don’t think that I will just happen upon many more establishments like this one.

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